ATG’s sales director and technicians taught the JohnFU salesman timely knowledge of piston rings

       The sales director and technicians of ATG taught the salesman of JOHNFU about the precautions and after-sales problems that may arise during the use of piston rings, which allowed us to increase our confidence in selling ATG piston rings. Big brands deserve to be received by consumers. Of favor!

      JOHNFU operates piston ring products for all models of ATG Great Wall. The gasoline series include GW4G15/GW4G15B/GW4C20/GW4C20A/GW4C20B/GW4C20NT/GW4B15/GW4B13, and the diesel series include GW2.8TC/GW4D20/GW4D20B/GW4D20M/GW4D20T/GW4D20D, etc. In the Great Wall HAVAL series HOVER/HAVAL H3/HAVAL H5/HAVAL H6/HAVAL H6 COUPE/HAVAL H7/HAVAL H8/HAVAL H9/HAVAL F7/HAVAL F7X; Fengjun series WINGLE(STEED) 3/5/6/7; At the same time There are also new products HAVAL JOLION, GWM POER, NEW HAVAL H6 3RD, etc., including all models and all models of the Great Wall series. To follow JOHNFU is to follow the latest industry trends of Great Wall accessories.




Post time: Oct-23-2021