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Great Wall Motors, as a leader in China’s automotive industry, has always been driven by innovation and is committed to providing high-quality automotive products and services to global consumers. Recently, Great Wall Motors has made a series of important developments in the field of accessories. Let us take a look at them together.

First of all, Great Wall Motors has made new breakthroughs in patented technology. According to an announcement from the State Intellectual Property Office, Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. recently obtained a utility model patent authorization titled “Vehicle Hook Assembly and Vehicle.” The authorization of this patent not only reflects Great Wall Motor’s leading position in technological innovation, but also provides strong legal protection for the company’s development in the field of vehicle hitch assemblies and vehicles.

In addition, Great Wall Motors has also made some gains in software copyright. Recently, Great Wall Motors has newly registered the software copyright for the “Great Wall After-sales Parts Claims Management Platform V1.0.0″ project. This achievement not only improves Great Wall Motor’s efficiency in after-sales parts claims management, but also injects new vitality into the company’s digital transformation strategy.

It is worth mentioning that Great Wall Motors’ investment in research and development has also continued to increase. According to the 2023 interim report financial data, in the first half of this year, the company invested 3.509 billion yuan in research and development, a year-on-year increase of 10.48%. This investment will not only help the company improve product quality and performance, but will also further promote the company’s innovative development in new energy, intelligent driving and other fields.

In short, these new developments of Great Wall Motors in the field of accessories fully demonstrate the company’s strong strength in technological innovation, product quality and digital transformation. In the future, we expect Great Wall Motors to continue to leverage its advantages and lead the Chinese automobile industry towards a better future.


Post time: Jan-11-2024