In November 2020, the Great Wall cannon opened global sales and officially entered overseas markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Iraq and Jordan

      GWM In the global journey in 2020, the Great Wall Cannon Pickup officially launched its global sales in November, and built a new concept of pickup trucks online and offline, subverting consumers’ traditional perceptions of pickups, and opening up Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and South Africa , Iraq, Jordan and other overseas markets have embarked on a new journey of overseas expansion of Chinese pickup trucks.
      Especially in the Chilean market, the Great Wall artillery fired before it was sold and reached an intended order of 235 units, setting a record for the largest industry customer order record for pickup trucks in China, and successfully launched the first artillery pickup for sale in South America. The pre-sale of Great Wall Artillery for the local user market was sold out in just 22 hours, setting the fastest pre-sale record in the history of pickup trucks and was listed on the cover of diamond MT. In the Iraqi market, the Great Wall artillery made a high-profile debut, pursuing dreams and exploring the unknown as a pioneer in the trend of the new era, helping the Iraqi pickup industry to enter the era of intelligent passengerization.



Post time: Sep-15-2020