JOHNFU takes part in the China (Hefei) Auto Parts Exhibition with Great Wall Auto Parts

         At the China (Hefei) National Auto Parts Exhibition, JOHNFU brought Great Wall full vehicle parts to the exhibition. Engine base machines/engine products/chassis products/transmission products/electrical products made a collective appearance. The original authentic products have been highly recognized by customers.

        The products exhibited by JOHNFU include HAVALH1-H9/WINGLE 3-7/GWM POER, as well as products of new models such as HAVAL JOLION/NEW HAVAL H6 3RD. The main brands on display are BOSCH/LUK/INA/FAG/PHC/DELPHI/ Brands such as SDS/JHAEM/ATG/ZF/GWM and new products such as transmissions/electrical appliances have been sought after by customers



Post time: Oct-30-2021