Great Wall Motors has established a plant in Tula in Russia, and the main production HAVAL F7/F7X is currently a popular SUV model in Russia.

      At the end of September 2020, Great Wall Motors’ Tula plant in Russia and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation formally signed a special investment contract (SPIC) in Russia. Great Wall Motors will enjoy the same preferential policies as car companies in Russia and gain a fairer and more open market. environment. According to the framework of the agreement, Great Wall Motor expects to invest 42.4 billion rubles (approximately RMB 3.7 billion) in the local area to build a manufacturing plant for the production of core components such as engines, transmissions, electronic control modules, and vehicle control systems.

     On November 25, Great Wall Motors officially laid the foundation stone for its engine plant in Tula, Russia. It plans to complete the construction and put it into operation before the end of 2022, providing local engine parts for more than 90% of Great Wall Motors models in Russia. In the future, Great Wall Motors will continue to deepen the localization of the automobile industry chain and greatly improve the competitiveness of Great Wall Motors in the Russian market.

     At present, the main models of Great Wall models in Russia are HOVER/HAVAL H5/HAVAL F7/F7X/HAVAL H9/WINGLE 3/WINGLE 5/GWM POER, etc. Let’s take a look at the model lineup.


Post time: Sep-27-2020